pedag1-26-detailThe quality of each school is determined by the quality of its pupils. And the quality of the pupils is mostly determined by the erudition of their teachers. That is why we hold our teachers in high esteem. The founder of the school focuses on creating exclusive conditions for the teaching staff, on providing for their material needs and personal development. Our teachers’ starting salaries are significantly above average, they are determined transparently and they continuously increase, even though the education sector is now facing a lack of financing and other economic issues. This allows the qualified teachers to be selected from among only the best teachers through a demanding selection procedure. Our teachers are regularly evaluated in terms of their professional competence, methods of transferring knowledge and social skills by the management of the Elementary School as well as the parents. The pupils’ results in the secondary school entrance examinations also constitute an important objective evaluation criterion. The school is also open to the parents, whose regular communication with our teachers is absolutely normal. Where any issues need to be solved, a consensus among the children, parents, teachers and school management is found.

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