Gifted children

talent2-28-detailThe essential and key task of our Elementary School is to ensure a happy life for your child and promote their balanced development through an appropriate combination of scholastic and extracurricular educational activities. If your child has been recognised as talented in a particular area, we develop his or her qualifications for further studies. Our primary intention is to develop the capabilities of gifted children, for which we employ our trained teachers and psychologists. We also apply individual approach to each child. The school aims not only to develop the children’s knowledge but their whole personalities as well. The school puts a great emphasis on developing social and emotional skills which, in some cases, may be one of the weaknesses of talented children. We teach them to recognize their strengths and improve their potential weaknesses. We also teach them to manage stress better, which is caused by new situations. Our work with children is based on having small groups. We guarantee a maximum of 10 children per class, although the demand for our Elementary School far exceeds our capacity. We consider individual approach in small groups to be essential. The assessment in the first three years is only verbal, and the marking begins only in later years in order to prepare the children for the secondary school environment.

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