school kids at lesson in classroomThe PRIGO Elementary SCHOOL offers a friendly and homely environment with a strong dominance of individual elements. The first stage with its sophisticated approach helps children discover themselves and supports their natural abilities in all areas ranging from humanities, arts, language skills, technologies and natural sciences. The second stage seamlessly continues in this approach and, especially in the last years, prepares the pupils for their high-school studies at all common types of secondary schools. If pupils show a significant interest in natural and technical sciences, they can complete the fifth or seventh year and smoothly continue studying at our affiliated eight-year or six-year PRIGO Grammar School of Natural Sciences. This highly prestigious grammar school has quite demanding entrance examinations, though the pupils of PRIGO Elementary SCHOOL are very successful due to the fact that the two schools are connected. The pupils of PRIGO Elementary SCHOOL are not subject to any fees for studying at the Grammar School, so the tuition fee is free of charge. Each student receives a monthly scholarship of CZK 500 – 2 000. These benefits also apply when studying at our partner International Business Academy PRIGO.

As one of few elementary schools in the Czech Republic, the PRIGO Elementary School has been listed among the schools that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to teach in a foreign language. Certain subjects are taught both in a foreign language and in Czech (e.g. natural history etc.). This fact is reflected in the annual school report and the special certificate that the students receive. The benefits for further secondary studies, for example at the prestigious PRIGO Grammar School, are undeniable. The school educational programme and the curriculum are based on the Framework Educational Programme, which complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Optionally, the school focuses on teaching languages and developing the interest in natural and technical disciplines.

The curriculum for the 1st stage (available to download here), for the 2nd stage (available to download here).

Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. 

The assessment in the first three years is only verbal, and the marking begins only in later years before starting the studies at the secondary school. The school also offers the after-school childcare with various leisure activities, which complement the elementary education. The after-school childcare also includes different interest groups, enabling children to develop their activities on our premises. The children may attend an English group, an experimental and natural history group, an art group or a group of logic and ethics. We also develop the children’s skills in a sports group, one-week ski course in the Beskid Mountains, a swimming course, an in-line skating course, an ice-skating course or tennis. The classes very often take place outdoors, in museums, libraries or the Science and Technology Centre.

The opening hours of the after-school childcare is from 7.00 a.m. till 4 p.m.

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