Each student who succeeds in the 1st round of entrance examinations will receive a monthly scholarship of CZK 500 – 2 000. Apt students who prove their qualities already during the admission tests are granted a monthly scholarship of CZK 500 from the first month after successfully passing the first round of admission t...

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Studying with no tuition fees

We are a non-state secondary school for very well performing students who are interested in studying at a business academy with extensive teaching of languages and information technology. In order to make education available and because of the partnership with a strong private co...

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Admissions for the 3 round

The third round of the 2018/2019 admissions was been announced. The entrance examinations for the 2018/2019 school year in the 2st round of the admissions have already taken place. The Open Days have already taken place....

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Legal specialisation

The legal specialisation reduces maths classes to a necessary minimum which is required by the Framework Educational Programme for business academies. On the other hand, more emphasis is placed on the teaching of logic and general studies requirements, which are required for admission to law schools. The academy puts e...

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The PRIGO Gymnasium

It is a secondary school which specialises in extended teaching of natural science disciplines with a focus on medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, natural scientific and technical fields.  

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