VIP services

Kids ride balance bike in parkThe PRIGO Kindergarten fully supports the cooperation and communication with parents. Through our forthcoming approach, we received the prestigious “Parents Welcomed” certification. The children´s parents are our important partners, who provide us with feedback. We also enable them taking part in the classes and the Kindergarten´s programme.

We primarily focus on the children´s attitude towards nature, technology and the development of their language skills. We accept children from a very early age (about 2 years) who have a separate curriculum, but we also make sure that they regularly meet with older children.

The advantage of our Kindergarten is that we are all-inclusive – that means all you need is pyjamas and slippers – and that´s it. We will arrange everything for your child, being it the tooth brush, toothpaste, handkerchiefs, etc. Naturally, you can bring any things of your own. We will not bother you with these details, which is common in other kindergartens.

The building is newly renovated. Even the interior undergone a costly reconstruction. A VIP reception desk has been built so that you can rest assured that no unauthorized people get inside the Kindergarten. You can also ask the receptionists for assistance with any operational matters. If you drive your children to the Kindergarten yourself, you do not have worry about parking. We have built a parking lot with sufficient capacity at the entrance to our Kindergarten. Each parent will receive a VIP parking card.

We have paid most attention to the reconstruction of the rooms where children spend most of the day. The classrooms are decorated with fairy-tale themes and their own creations. The bedrooms are equipped with new ergonomic wooden beds and hypo-allergenic bedding. The new bathrooms and lavatories have electrically heated floors that will not let the children’s little feet get cold. All boys and girls have their locker and shoe cabinet in the changing room. The dining room is newly built.

2Our Kindergarten also features a well-equipped cinema, where the children can watch their favourite fairy-tales. At the same time, the cinema can be used as a meeting room or a clubroom, where the children´s parents meet themselves or the Kindergarten´s management in case they want want to discuss important matters.

We use our own, very well equipped and spacious gym that is accessible without  the children having to go through the outside area. The daily programme therefore includes  the children´s increased physical activity.

This year, we have completed the construction of the children’s sauna. The children can enjoy regular relaxation without having to pass through the outdoors. Staying in the sauna can significantly strengthen their immune systems and can bring some beneficial effects on other bodily functions. The sauna uses colour therapy and an oxygen ionizer which charges the air with negative ions.

The extensive garden offers doing many outdoor activities. The children can enjoy a lot of adventure in our castle with a slide, on our swings, a trampoline or a garden house with a hiding place. The garden also includes a traffic-themed playground with genuine road signs and traffic lights.

A unique feature is the protected information system for parents. From the comfort of their home, the parents can watch their children in the kindergarten, they can follow their menu and dietary regimen or their weekly curriculum. Each day in the Kindergarten is documented via a photo gallery and a description of the children’s daily activities. This photo gallery is also automatically projected on a suitably sized TV which is easily accessible at the entrance to the Kindergarten.

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