Gifted children

PRIGO MS The essential and key task of our Kindergarten is to provide your child with a happy life and to promote their balanced development through an appropriate combination of  games and educational activities. If we spot that a child has a certain talent in a particular area, we develop it. Our primary intention is to develop these capabilities of the exceptionally gifted children, for which we use our trained teachers and psychologists.

We also apply an individual approach to each child. The Kindergarten´s objective is  then not only to develop children´s knowledge but their whole personalities. The Kindergarten puts a great emphasis on promoting social and emotional skills which, in some cases, may be one of the weaknesses of talented children. We teach them to recognize their strengths and improve their potential weaknesses. We also teach them to manage stress better, which is caused by new situations.

If you substantiate a decision by a pedagogical-psychological counselling centre on exceptional talent recognition, your child may be granted (through a legal representative) a scholarship. This scholarship may be used for any purpose in the child´s interest.

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