Contribution and enrolment

Foto školka dopravní hřištěParental contribution

The parental contribution amounts to CZK 9990 per month (12 months). It includes attendance with extended opening hours and individual approach assisted by an above-standard number of teachers as well as language teaching, speech therapy, services of a psychologist, interest groups and meal allowance for a lunch and two snacks a day. It also includes the travel expenses and entrance fees to regular events (cultural events, exhibitions, natural history events), a ski lesson, skating lesson in summer and winter, tennis and swimming lessons and other courses as well as holding of birthday parties and other activities. The contribution further includes regular, a few day stays for children in relaxation and spa facilities in the adjacent mountain resorts.

The contribution also covers the payment of meals and other refreshments at all events. Additionally, the contribution includes teaching aids, exercise books and office supplies for your children. Your child will be able to be regulary visited a psychologist, a speech therapist and will have the use of the services provided by the CEMNAS Higher Education Centre, which is a member of the PRIGO Group and which is devoted to working with extremely gifted individuals.

No further payments associated with the attendance to our school and the activities organised by us will be demanded. We offer ALL INCLUSIVE services whose expenses are covered by your contribution. During their attendance, your children will receive teaching in the Czech language and extended teaching in a foreign language as well as individual approach in a school with positive attitude towards nature and technology.

The indicative structure of the parental contribution is as follows:

CZK 2990 per month The tuition fee including the individualised possibility of organisation with approximately 1 teacher per 6 children, the possibility of a specialised English teacher, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a worker from the gifted children centre, etc.
CZK 990 per month Specialised interest groups
CZK 1990 per month Meals (lunch, snacks, meals at specialised events)
CZK 990 per month Cultural events and exhibitions, natural history events
CZK 1990 per month Special courses (ski, swimming, tennis, summer and winter skating lessons, external stays and others)
CZK 950 per month Other expenses (office supplies, enhanced teaching materials, etc.)

In order to ensure the organisation and effectiveness of the school´s operation, it is not possible to pay only some of the listed parts of the parental contribution.

If you substantiate a decision by a pedagogical-psychological counselling centre on exceptional talent recognition, your child may be granted (through a legal representative) a scholarship. This scholarship may be used for any purpose in the child´s interest.

The opening hours are non-standard and per agreement, though from 6.30 a.m. at the earliest till 5.00 p.m. at the latest.


The enrolment and the open days take place individually. Please sign in via email ( or phone +420 733 651 644 with Ing. Linda Foltýnová.

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