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Two preschool children build castles with plastic cubesThe Kindergarten admits children from 2 years of age. Our goal is to ensure reliable education in the preschool period, prepare children for elementary schools and provide for a smooth transition to the school environment. We closely cooperate with the PRIGO Elementary School. The children have the opportunity to get to know the Elementary School environment and its teachers already in our Kindergarten. The adaptation is then more natural and the transition to the elementary school is not associated with unnecessary stress and fears from the unknown.

We use alternative approaches in our Kindergarten, such as aromatherapy, art therapy, music therapy and others as required by parents. We provide cooperation with a speech therapist during the screening and rectification of children´s speech impediments. We also run a project that supports prereading literacy called ´The Entire Czechia Reads to Children.´We cooperate with the Mensa of the Czech Republic in order to develop an educational strategy for highly gifted children. In compliance with educational programmes, we regularly visit the zoo, the Science and Technology Centre, farms with domestic animals, and we go for walks in forests; additionally, we offer the parents to enrol their children in other sports groups or a ski course.

Our Kindergarten is registered in the registry of schools and educational institutions, and it is under the strict supervision of the Czech School Inspectorate.

The Kindergarten is open all the year round from 6:30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m, Monday to Friday. The children´s attendance may take different forms as per parents´requirements. The children may attend the Kindergarten for the whole day, half a day or only on specific days.

The children rest in separate bedrooms, so we allow them to leave after lunch till 1:00 p.m. without the resting children disturbing themselves.

You can browse the PRIGO Kindergarten Guide by clicking here.

Information on the Kindergarten (audio recording).

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