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Children with teacher at school.The PRIGO Kindergarten is part of a multi-stage education system in the PRIGO schools, which already have a 25-year long experience in education. The schools also include four-year, six-year and eight-year Gymnasium – the Gymnasium of Natural Sciences (PRIGO) and the PRIGO Elementary School. The PRIGO schools focus on promoting and developing the talents in natural sciences and technical disciplines as well as teaching in foreign languages. Based on the Framework Educational Programme, the classes at the Gymnasium of Natural Sciences (PRIGO) specialise in natural-scientific and technical subjects. The PRIGO Elementary School seeks pupils with a talent for natural sciences, technology and language; however, our pupils are rather introduced to these branches of study, and they can become successful at all types of secondary schools.

The PRIGO Kindergarten acquaints the children with the world of nature and technology in a gentle way. It supports innovative methods, forms of work and alternative educational approaches. When creating the approaches to its topics and activities, the Kindergarten uses the elements of the Montessori system and Gardner´s theory of multiple intelligences. It is natural for a child to learn while playing and discovering. However, there is not just one way towards knowledge – that is why we offer the children an opportunity to find the way to knowledge and education that suits their individual needs and capabilities best. And it is the individual approach that is our priority. Therefore, there is a lower number of children in our classes. The children in our Kindergarten are taught foreign languages by teachers and native speakers qualified in languages and teaching. The topics for the development of language skills are conceptually incorporated into educational programmes. We accept children from 2 years of age and our team is composed of qualified teachers, Montessori teachers, a speech therapist and an English teacher with experience from a kindergarten in England using both the traditional and the Montessori approach. We ensure an individual approach by having one teacher per six children.

Child with armbands in swimming pool.The Kindergarten is located in Ostrava-Hrabůvka, which makes it very well accessible for parents coming from Ostrava as well as for those who commute to Frýdek-Místek and its surroundings. The Kindergarten includes a gym, sauna, cinema and children´s library. The garden contains a traffic playground with traffic signs and traffic lights. We comply wit parents´requirements in regard to their children´s eating habits. We are able to provide gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian diet.

We also provide extended opening hours, parking spaces and the possibility for the parents to be present during classes. A unique feature is the protected information system for parents. From the comfort of their home, the parents can watch their children in the kindergarten, their menu and dietary regimen or their weekly curriculum. Each day in the Kindergarten is documented via a photo gallery and a description of the children´s daily activities. This photo gallery is also automatically projected on a suitably sized TV which is easily accessible at the entrance to the Kindergarten.

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