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Exceptionally gifted children can obtain a scholarship. You can get more information at our e-mail address or telephone number in the Contacts section.  ...
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Language Kindergarten

The children in the PRIGO Kindergarten communicate in both Czech and English. There is also a teacher who speaks English and encourages the children´s interest in foreign languages by using controlled activities. The children can continue focusing on foreign languages while attending the PRIGO Elementary School....
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Nature and Technology

Our Kindergarten presents nature and technology in a very gentle way and in accordance with the kindergarten educational programme. We apply Montessori elements in our educational process as well as regular educational visits to the nearby Science and Technology Centre in Dolní Vítkovice. We also operate a children's w...
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Extra Equipment

Our Kindergarten includes a gym, sauna, cinema, library and expansive garden with gaming elements and traffic playground with genuine traffic signs and traffic lights. The actual classrooms are very well equipped with educational materials and tools. The protected access for parents is a unique feature through which th...
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The PRIGO Elementary School is specialised in a universal development of gifted children in order to competently support their further development and shaping. The specialisation in English and Spanish is preferred as well as natural sciences and technology.

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