Gifted children

PRIGO web fotografie 800x600 px3The essential and key task of our Gymnasium is to provide our students with successful professional life through their education and preparation for the maturita exam or further studies at the university. The most important aspect, though, is to promote their balanced development through an appropriate combination of scholastic and extracurricular educational activities. You can find applicants for medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical branches among our students. We develop these students’ qualifications for further studies. Our graduates very often specialise in studying other natural scientific subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or geography as well as technical subjects and their application. Nonetheless, we respect general scope of gymnasium education with emphasis on foreign languages and globalised environment. Our intention is especially to develop the talents and skills of our gifted students who are interested in studying natural sciences, aiming to find their appropriate specialisation, for which we employ our trained teachers and psychologists.

The PRIGO schools also use a sophisticated form of mentoring: older students become mentors to their younger schoolmates at the Gymnasium. Some of them are also mentors to the Elementary School pupils, and so they learn to assume responsibility.

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