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We have been offering general education at our eight-year, six-year and four-year gymnasium for 26 years – now also with extensive teaching of natural sciences and a special focus on languages. The tuition, which culminates with the Maturita examination, takes place only as full-time study according to the School Educational Programme, which has been created in accordance with the statutory Framework Educational Programme based on Act No. 561/2004 Coll., as amended, on preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary and other education (the Education Act). As one of few schools in the Czech Republic, the PRIGO Gymnasium has been listed among the schools that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to teach in a foreign language. Certain subjects are partially taught in a foreign language and in Czech. This fact is reflected in the annual school report and the special certificate that the students receive. Classes also take place in newly built and equipped language and computer classrooms. PRIGO collaborates with over 20 foreign schools from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, USA and China (click here). These aspects help our students initiate their university studies more easily both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Language classes also use the so-called “blended learning”. It is comprehensive interactive and multimedia language teaching which is a combination of e-learning and on-line participation of the teacher and the students. This year we have built and opened two new specialised classrooms of natural sciences, and we started using the American educational experimental system PASCO, which provides interactive experiments in biology, physics and chemistry. We have also newly opened a botanical garden with a school greenhouse and an outdoor classroom. For the purpose of social sciences education, we have also opened a courtroom replica this year, in which our students can participate in real-like legal proceedings while wearing judge’s gowns and role-playing in a courtroom environment. You can find a short video from the opening ceremony of the classrooms here.

1. General Information

Eight-Year Gymnasium – programme Gymnázium 79-41-K/81

The programme of general eight-year gymnasium enjoys the advantages of studying at a multi-year gymnasium that focuses on gifted students and their preparation which is more comprehensive, continuous and long-term than in the case of typical four-year gymnasium. Multi-year gymnasium also benefit from the synergies and transfer of experience among different age groups of children and students. Eight-year gymnasium are usually applied for by more gifted and able pupils of primary schools, who usually stand out among their peers in the class. The admission procedure for talented children is not so stressful as in the case of four-year gymnasium because if they fail, they still have an option of applying for the six-year or four-year gymnasium.

Six-Year Gymnasium – programme Gymnázium 79-41-K/61

Six-year gymnasium are a compromise solution as these admit students from the seventh year of elementary school. The pupils show a clearer specialisation, their psychological maturity is higher, and they get in contact with older peers of the gymnasium without problems. At the same time, we can detect and encourage the children’s talents for certain disciplines earlier and more often than in the case of four-year gymnasium. The parents’ choices and aspirations for their children’s further education appear more responsibly. For the above-mentioned reasons, the founder and the school management have decided to accredit the six-year gymnasium. This constitutes a natural trade-off deal between the eight-year and four-year gymnasium, enabling a balanced general education for gifted children who are interested in natural sciences. It is one of few, similarly specialised six-year gymnasium in the Moravian-Silesian region. In view of the fact that there are only several six-year gymnasium and there is a limited number of applications for secondary schools, the admission procedure for talented children is not so stressful as in the case of four-year gymnasium because if they fail in the entrance examinations, they still have an option of applying for the four-year gymnasium.

Four-Year Gymnasium – programme Gymnázium 79-41-K/41

The programme of the general four-year gymnasium focuses on gifted students who have decided to start studying at a gymnasium after completing the compulsory education at the elementary school. These are students who want to have the typical gymnasium education but who also want to be specialised in natural sciences.

2. Specialisation

In the region, we are the only gymnasium focusing on extensive teaching of medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary subjects as well as preparing our students for the admission procedure at universities specialised in these disciplines. We are a university school of the University of Ostrava, which significantly helps us in our teaching. Our Gymnasium further cooperates with teachers from medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary faculties, and our students are involved in many projects in this area. Unlike the secondary medical schools, we do not prepare our students for a medical profession after they have completed the secondary school. However, we focus on further, possible studies at universities specialised in these fields, by guiding and motivating our students through various school and extra-curricular activities. We prepare our graduates who will be specialised in natural sciences with great language skills and general social and cultural knowledge, which will enable them to apply for any university after finishing our Gymnasium. The decision is always up to the students themselves – as they, especially in senior years, select from a wide range of optional subject in order to tailor their study specialisation to their preferred university choices. We also cooperate with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava on the project called ‘Vysokoškolákem na zkoušku’ (Being a University Student on Trial). In this project, our students go through the university studies at this faculty and all that it entails. The purpose of this project is that our gifted students can try rehearse-studying at a university even at the time of their high-school studies.
The other specialisation is the preparation for studies at natural science and technical faculties or top economic faculties with an emphasis on mathematics, physics, geography, information technology and their related disciplines. The gymnasium also cooperates with teachers from these faculties, and our students participate in many projects in this area. All specialisations seek to teach two foreign languages, resulting in the development of language skills, and to prepare the students for the maturita examination. Despite the specialisations mentioned above, the education we provide is in accordance with the Framework Educational Programme for Gymnasium, so our graduates receive universal education, including education in the humanities and culture, though with enhanced knowledge of natural science and languages. Our students have broad general knowledge with excellent results in the school leaving exam and they become successful in their further studies at prestigious universities in the country and very often abroad.

3. School and classroom facilities

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The school is situated in Mojmírovců street near 28. října street, in a pleasant residential area of Ostrava – Mariánské Hory. The school is easily accessible by car or tram (line no. 4, 8 and 9). The bus stop Prostorná is less than 200 m away. The school premises also include an extensive outdoor area for after-school activities. The students may also park there. The school’s interior is modernly equipped and mostly newly reconstructed. The classrooms are furnished with new or fairly new chairs and desks with inbuilt computers and multimedia equipment, including overhead projectors. Of course, there are also interactive boards and specialised laboratories for chemistry, biology or language classes. We also have our own gym on our school premises, which is also very well equipped. This year, we have built two new classrooms of natural sciences, equipped with the interactive, experimental system PASCO, then a language and a computer classroom, a courtroom-like classroom, a botanical garden with a school greenhouse and an outdoor classroom for teaching natural history. Our students can also spend their leisure time by playing at two table football tables, a table tennis table and now also outdoor skittles. You can have a look at our school by clicking here.

4. Tuition fees and scholarship

We are a non-state secondary school for very well performing students who are interested in studying a general gymnasium with extensive teaching of natural sciences. In order to make education available and because of the partnership with a strong private company, all students without serious disciplinary offences are exempt from paying tuition fees. The standard school tuition fee is CZK 6000 per month. Each pupil who succeeds in the 1st round of entrance examinations will receive a scholarship of 500 – 2 000 CZK a month. Apt students who prove their qualities already during the admission tests are granted a scholarship of 500 CZK a month from the first month after successfully passing the first round of admission tests, and the scholarship is guaranteed for all students without serious disciplinary offences as established by the scholarship rules. Based on the results of the entrance examinations or the subsequent studies, the scholarship can be increased to CZK 1 000 per month for very good students or CZK 2,000 per month for outstanding students. The students who have been admitted in the next rounds of the admission procedure will be granted scholarship from their 2nd year of studies, depending on their grades. Detailed information will be provided by the internal regulations of the school, which is available in the information system.

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